About Us


Pro Speranta Spedition is a young and very modern company. We carry out our work at high standards of safety and professionalism, standards provided both by the technical part – top of the range trucks equipped with the latest safety and monitoring technologies, as well as by skilled staff with experience in the field.

All transports made by Pro Speranta Spedition trucks are carefully inspected and monitored. The staff at our headquarters is concerned that time schedules will be respected and the goods will reach their destination in maximum safety conditions within the set timeframe. The beneficiaries of our transports can always get information regarding the performance of own transports by calling our lines or requesting this information by e-mail.


We operate in collaboration with the most famous Expedition houses in Europe but we are also interested in the possibility of working directly with manufacturers and establishing direct contracts that will add value to the transport activity for both parties.

Monitoring and security

High precision equipment by which we monitor transport. Safety and observance of delivery terms are our strengths.